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Dec 18 2012

Lil Bub Wins the Whisker Wars!



Lil Bub, the adorable, loving, squonking, most amazing creature on the planet is the winner of the Whisker Wars!

It was a very close race between Bub and Henri. The lead went back and forth early on, but it was BUB who managed to hold on in the end. With lots of action, incredible fan support and last minute surprises, this was definitely the best round of voting yet! Let’s start with some results!

Final Results:

Lil Bub 6,166 votes

Henri, le Chat Noir 5,515 votes

Total Votes = 11,681 votes!

Tough Decisions

Lil Bub and Henri are some very well loved cats! Throughout the final round the fans cried out in distress about which cat to vote for. When there are two amazing cats in front of you, it’s tough to choose which one takes the cake....or kitty treat. 


So amazing are Bub and Henri, and so difficult the choice that some just couldn’t bare it.


The Cat Love Continues...

By far the best part of this round came with just 4 hours to go in voting when Bub and Henri decided to put their votes to good use! They announced that if their total votes reached 10,000 they would both make a donation to a local animal shelter in each other’s name. It didn’t take long for fans to step up and the votes to far exceed 10,000! Everyone’s a winner! Thanks to Lil Bub and Henri (and the Thieving Filmmaker and Bub’s Dude) for being awesome! 

We’d also like to give a special “meow out” to Nada Boulos for her generosity as well! 


Stay Tuned...

The famous cats of the internet are joining forces to make something cool for YOU, their loyal fans, and to raise money for their fellow felines in need. More details coming soon!


  • Posted by CLAUDETTE on March 28, 2013


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