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Nov 29 2012

Lil Bub and Maru Advance to the Whisker Wars Final 4


We knew it was going to be close, but who could have anticipated all the ups and downs that happened during the last 2 days of voting! From commanding leads, to stretches of whicker-to-whisker votes, and heated debates about the merits of each cat, both Lil Bub vs. Colonel Meow and Maru vs. Luna proved to be highly eventful match-ups! In the end, only 2 can move on to the Final 4 and, sadly...2 must return to cat life as usual.


    (1) Maru 50.4% vs (6) Luna 49.6% (1774 votes - 1745 votes)

    (2) Lil Bub 59% vs. (6) Colonel Meow 41% (8949 votes - 6295 votes)

Lil Bub vs. Colonel Meow


Now here are two cats with a “clowder” of extremely dedicated supporters. It’s hard to say which cat had a louder cheering squad in the stands. Team “Spread the Frown” was certainly present from start to finish, demonstrating their allegiance to the Colonel. But it was Lil Bub’s dedicated fans that held strong, channeling Bub’s kind spirit and showering everyone with sunny rays of “Bub Lub”! Both of these amazing cats bring so much to the table. Colonel Meow with his funny, dry, often angry, but always entertaining, commentary. Lil Bub being extremely cute and her cheery outlook on life that makes us smile every time she pops up in our news feed. They’re both amaze cats and we love them! 

Maru vs. Luna the Fashion Kitty

Maru seems to be proving that the strong silent type could just have what it takes to make it to the finish. If the fans of Colonel Meow, Bub and Luna were all cheering at the sidelines, then you could say Maru’s fans bought the ticket but didn’t show up to the game. Where are all of Maru’s fans? Are you really out there...? Although Maru held the lead for most of the competition, it was a photo finish as he claimed victory only 29 votes ahead of Luna. Our favorite fashion kitty put up a very impressive purrformance and did her fans proud. If there was a prize for best dressed cat in the Whisker Wars, there would be no contest! Luna is one well dressed, fashionista of a feline!

The Other Side 

The Elite 8 isn’t over yet! The other side of the bracket holds Henri, le Chat Noir vs. Shironeko and Simon’s Cat vs. Keyboard Cat. Henri brings a strong and vocal following of supporters which will make for a good match against Shironeko. Simon’s Cat, the cute 2D annimation and Keyboard Cat, the musical wiz, will be a battle of the entertainers! 

Voting is happening now on our Facebook page!


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