Whisker Wars

Nov 22 2012

Whisker Wars Highlight Reel


We absolutely loved all the conversations around the amazing cats in the Whisker Wars so we put together a "highlight reel" of some especially entertaining comments. Here's a special "meow out" to all the cat lovers who's comments kept us amused, chuckling and pondering the merits of our favorite famous cats.

The Highlight Reel: Hardcore Cat Lovers Who Know What’s Up

Sure, showing your support by commenting just the name of your favorite cat is good (it seems many people believe the more exclamation marks the greater your support (“Colonel Meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”), but we love to see cat lovers who back their fave cat with some compelling arguments. We've put together some CATegories for a few of our favorites.


Sounds like a night well spent discussing the wonderful characteristics of our favorite cats!


It’s hard to put up a good argument for a 2D feline over a 3D feline... you can’t cuddle with a gif.

Ahh yes, the many accomplishments of Maru. He’s cute, talented, he does funny stuff and I would question the sanity of anyone who disagrees. 

Well...I guess a vote's a vote whether you're voting because you LOVE that cat or because you're terrified of the furry, frowny wrath of the alternative. Even after Colonel Meow was out of the running his presence was still felt...

Love it!



There’s no denying Nora’s musical talent and zeal for the performing arts, but Ruth’s got a point. What has she done lately?


We love the undercats too! They certainly do need to be recognized. Undercats unite!

...We love cats too!!!


And for the Highlight Reel finale...who doesn’t love a little good old fashioned, light-hearted cat trash talk?


BOOM! (Although we've got strong love for Waffles, we also have strong love for cat related puns. Good one, Tony!)

Dec 18 2012

Lil Bub Wins the Whisker Wars!



Lil Bub, the adorable, loving, squonking, most amazing creature on the planet is the winner of the Whisker Wars!

It was a very close race between Bub and Henri. The lead went back and forth early on, but it was BUB who managed to hold on in the end. With lots of action, incredible fan support and last minute surprises, this was definitely the best round of voting yet! Let’s start with some results!

Final Results:

Lil Bub 6,166 votes

Henri, le Chat Noir 5,515 votes

Total Votes = 11,681 votes!

Tough Decisions

Lil Bub and Henri are some very well loved cats! Throughout the final round the fans cried out in distress about which cat to vote for. When there are two amazing cats in front of you, it’s tough to choose which one takes the cake....or kitty treat. 


So amazing are Bub and Henri, and so difficult the choice that some just couldn’t bare it.


The Cat Love Continues...

By far the best part of this round came with just 4 hours to go in voting when Bub and Henri decided to put their votes to good use! They announced that if their total votes reached 10,000 they would both make a donation to a local animal shelter in each other’s name. It didn’t take long for fans to step up and the votes to far exceed 10,000! Everyone’s a winner! Thanks to Lil Bub and Henri (and the Thieving Filmmaker and Bub’s Dude) for being awesome! 

We’d also like to give a special “meow out” to Nada Boulos for her generosity as well! 


Stay Tuned...

The famous cats of the internet are joining forces to make something cool for YOU, their loyal fans, and to raise money for their fellow felines in need. More details coming soon!

Dec 18 2012

Exclusive Interview with Lil Bub and Henri - The Final Two Cats in the Whisker Wars


We asked Lil Bub and Henri, le Chat Noir about life as a celebrity cat and the upcoming Whisker Wars Final in an exclusive interview! 

What is the best thing about being a famous internet cat?

Bub: Hello it's me. BUB. For me the best part is being famous. Oh, and getting all kinds of crocheted stuff in my P.O. Box.

Henri: Being able to ignore specific interview questions if I want.


Can you give us a glimpse of what a day in the life of a celebrity cat is like? 

Bub: Hey it's me BUB. Of course - Squonk, eat, clean, look amazing, nap, save the planet, repeat.

Henri: After my second nap, I spend about an hour contemplating the futility of knowledge. Then, after my post dinner nap, I consider the metaphor of existence as an empty glass bowl. Then it's time for bed.


Lil Bub, if you could have any cat superpower what would it be?

Yo it's me BUB. I already have them all. Telekinesis, telepathy, time travel, space travel and clairvoyance. I guess it would also be cool to be good at math.

Henri, what is it really like living with the Thieving Filmmaker?

We most certainly do not live together. I think that would be more of an insult than I could bear.


Lil Bub, what’s your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Hello again. BUB here. Squonk, eat, clean, look amazing, nap, save the planet, repeat.


Henri, would you rather have a lifetime supply of Party Mix or Cheeseburgers?

A lifetime supply of anything implies a hopefulness about life's longevity that I do not possess. But certainly Party Mix.


Bub, how do you feel about your upcoming match-up with Henri le Chat Noir?

OH HEY. It's still me, BUB. I have a great feeling about it. We're actually good pals. He's got my vote.


Henri, have you been training for your upcoming paw-to-paw meeting with Lil Bub?

Competition between cats for the amusement of humans is beneath me.


Is there anything you’d like to say to all your fans out there who helped you get this far?

Bub: Hello fans. It's me, BUB. You guys make me feel so welcome on your planet. Your love, support, affection and devotion fills my tiny body with unfiltered joy which then gets processed by my powerful mind and is then launched from my eyes into the earth's atmosphere and recycled back into your lives with enhanced potency. So yeah, everybody wins.

Henri: “No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse.” -Nietzsche


It will be a tough decision between these two amazing cats! Voting for the Championship Round starts Tuesday! 

Dec 08 2012

Lil Bub Moves on to the Championship Round of the Whisker Wars


The cat lovers have spoken. Despite a few dedicated Simon’s Cat fans, who stood loyally behind him, Lil Bub showed that her breed of cute is what the feline fanatics love! “We lub Bub” was the chant heard echoing through the posts and comments as Bub fans rallied to support their favorite kitty.


(1) Bub 90% vs. (3) Simon’s Cat 10% (2,360 votes to 249 votes)

The Makings of a Favorite Cat

There’s no denying it, this round was a blow out! Lil Bub showed up ready to rock her best cute face and squonk her little heart out until the voters could no longer resist her cuteness. Some cat fans out there questioned whether Simon’s Cat should be in a separate competition all together, as he doesn’t exhibit the same real life cat characteristics as the living, breathing cats. Others disagree...


Simon’s Cat does nail it when it comes to cat behavior, that’s for sure. But perhaps cat lovers want a cat they can hug, or at least imagine the possibility. So back to the drawing board for Simon’s Cat and on to the FINALS for Bub!

The Final Match

From 32 famous internet cats to 2, through heated debates and thousands of votes we have 2 of the most amazing cats on the internet...


It will be a tough decision between the adorably sweet LIL BUB and the philosophical cattitude of HENRI, LE CHAT NOIR! Stay tuned for more details about the final match!

Dec 06 2012

Henri Moves on to the Finals, Maru Returns to Boxes


In the first round of the Final Four, two very popular and well known internet cats were the topic of discussion among voters. Although the arguments for both as “the best” are equally compelling, only one will advance to...the CHAMPIONSHIPS! The voting decisions are getting increasingly difficult as the remaining cats are all amazing and more fans are experiencing overlap in where they put their support. 


(1) Maru 26% --- (1) Henri, le Chat Noir 74% (821 votes - 2,288 votes)

Well, the cat fans have spoken and Maru is heading out of the Whisker Wars spotlight and back to his boxes. But how can this be? Maru is one of the original famous internet cats - a celebrity cat powerhouse! The boxes, the YouTube hits, the adorable antics, the TV commercial!! Maru has had a great run, but maybe it’s time to expand our cat horizons and open the door for other celebrity cats. And sauntering through that door is Henri, le Chat Noir, everybody’s favorite existentialist cat. Maru and Henri are two very different cats that both bring something unique to the table. While both entertaining, Maru is light and fun. He jumps in boxes. It doesn’t get much better than that when you’re looking for a cat to lighten your mood or brighten your day. Maru’s got that down. Henri is much more intellectual and thought-provoking. His witty and observational sarcasm is loved by many. I think Wendy’s comment is true for many cat lovers out there.

The Final 4 Continues...

Who Henri will meet in the Finals will be decided in the next round of voting between Lil Bub and Simon’s cat. Will Henri shake paws with the amazingly cute and friends Bub or the animated and humorous Simon’s Cat? 

Vote now.

Dec 01 2012

Henri, le Chat Noir and Simon’s Cat Advance to the Final 4


In two slightly less heated match ups, four more cats competed for 2 spots in the Final 4! Shironeko had lots of support throughout the match but couldn’t quite close the gap to reach the favorite “chat noir”, Henri. On the other side, Simon’s Cat held a consistent lead throughout voting and has knocked out Keyboard Cat and his musical gifts.


(1) Henri, le Chat Noir 66% vs (3) Shironeko 34% (4276 votes - 2233 votes)

(3) Simon’s Cat 65% vs. (1) Keyboard Cat 35% (605 votes - 323 votes)

Simon’s Cat: Does he measure up?

There has been lots of conversation around the question of Simon’s Cat as a legitimate cat in this competition. Can a cat drawing be put in the same category as other real living, purring cats? 

Simon’s Cat has made it to the Final Four on his own merits, but ultimately, the voters are the only ones that have the answer to this question. So if you love Simon’s Cat, despite his fictional nature, vote him up! If you’re more of a “flesh and blood” kind of cat lover, then Simon’s Cat probably doesn’t do it for ya! 


Maru vs. Henri

Lil Bub vs. Simon’s Cat

Get ready for the action!

Dec 01 2012

All You Need is Cat Love


Cats! We all love them. You’re probably reading this because you love cats. They’re cute and fluffy little packages of joy that brighten our days just by being who they are. Those little sandpaper tongues on your cheek in the morning, the head butts for attention, the cuddles, the soft fur, the funny expressions and questioning looks, the purring, the friendship, the LOVE! Yup, cats are awesome, and we love them all. Every last one of ‘em! 

Yes! You got it Rachel, it’s true! The “Best Cats of the Internet” just happen to be exceptionally cute, unique and lovable in their own way. Which is probably why they’re famous, and definitely why it’s so fun to discuss what makes each cat awesome! Some cats have the cute thing going, others have a special talent, others have the personality, yes, some are 2D - but they’re still a favorite to someone out there. We love sitting around talking cats! The cat bracket is meant to create some smiles and get some discussion going about cool cats! We’ve seen lots of great conversations happening out there...like this one!



Keep the cat love flowing and see you out there on the playing field!