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AmazeCats Gallery

AmazeCats Gallery

    What started with 60 cats from around the net, all coming together in celebration of their kitty-selves, has now come down to ONE TOP CAT!  PUT YOUR PAWS TOGETHER FOR.....

  • AmazeCats Next Top Cat Championship Round flavored by Petchup

    It's time! It's finally here! It's time to vote for the FINAL 2 cats that have stolen your hearts and made it to the TOP! But there's only room for one kitty at the top of this internet kitty po...
  • Smoky and Anakin Enter the Feline 4

    ME-WOW! The competition is getting fierce! We saw some close matches in this round - all 4 cats of the put up a great fight, but only 2 can move forward to the Feline 4! Check out the results!...
  • Little Bear and Pretzel Move on to the Feline 4!

    We're happy to announce the two cats that will be moving on to the next round, but as always, sad to say goodbye to two amazing kitties! You'll see Little Bear and Pretzel (The Little Kitty That Co...
  • AmazeCats Next Top Charity Project

    We're getting closer to crowning the "Next Top Cat" of the internet, and with only 8 cats remaining in the contest, we've got some amazing news to share! The incredible k...

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